The Company was duly registered with CAC in November 17th 2015 as GR-NET INVESTMENT & TRUST LIMITED focusing on consumer retail and assets loans.

NO, the company operates as micro finance Institution under the ageis of the Association on Non- bank Micro finance Institution of Nigeria (ANMFIN), established by the CBN Act of ---

A company has to be at least 3yrs old before it can be rated. Therefore, the company is not yet due for rating.

N200,000 and above  no limit as maximum.

Minimum tenor is 90 days however longer tenors are welcomed.

The Company do charge WHT on investment since it is statutory requirement however as part of our sales strategy, the company bears the cost.

The Fund will be used for micro-lending to salaried workers in both public and private sectors under direct payroll deductible arrangement with various employers.

(i) The promoters of the business are experience bankers and business men and woman in various capacities with proven track record of financial and assets management for over a decade. (ii)             Our loans are insured by a reputable and credible insurance company. (iii)            Experienced management, with proven track record in similar business.

(i)             Safety of your investment (ii)            Higher yield on investment notes compared to Money deposit bankers offering (iii)           Alternative source of income. (iv)           Investors can pledge their investments as collateral against loan request from Gr-net (v)           Investors can provide guarantee to others to the tune of the amount in their account.

(i)The inherent risk is spread over many beneficiaries.       (ii)Lower default risk as beneficiaries has stable job.     (iii)Credit Life Insurance covers on all loans.    (iv)Payroll deductible Month by Month.    (v)Strong management relationship with all stakeholders.

Yes you can. But you have to notify us a week ahead and a penalty charge of 20% on accrued interest will be charged.

The interest is fairly healthy and attractive but varies with the amount and can be negotiated depending on the prevailing LIBOR and FGN treasury bills per time.

The Company does, a guaranteed payroll deduction and we have credit underwriter (credit Life Insurance) on all loans, covering-Loss of Job, Permanent disability and Death.

(i)        The company has strong internal control and risk management system that unearth difficulties of this nature before it happens and nib it in the bud.     (ii)       There is strong and well equipped recovery and collection team that goes after defaulters.    (iii)      The company has registered with EFCC and other anti -fraud agencies to help curb and prevent chronic defaulters from non-payment.

(i)        Strong and committed promoters who are ready to go extra miles when the need arises.     (ii)       Strong collection drive and plowing back our profit into the system.

(i)        We give investment notes advise detailing the terms and conditions of the placement.             (ii)        Investment notes form is completed from the initiation of the placement showing that that there is contractual relationship between you and the company.

(i)        We are duly registered by CAC.     (ii)        We are member of the Association of Non -Bank Finance institution of Nigeria-(ANMFIN)    (iii)       We have our website where all our details are showcased.    (iv)        We have professionals who will not want to soil their hard earned reputation and good names built over the years.     (v)        Our promoters are seasoned bankers who have built similar business to affluent success.

(i)        We have proven track record of meeting our obligations to our clients with no default case against us since inception.     (ii)       We are very prudent and conservative in our spending culture in the company.    (iii)      Our business operation is liquid all through because of the special nature of the scheme- payroll deductible and short loan cycle of maximum 6months for private loans.

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    We focus on consumer micro lending and provides direct loan and asset based consumer financing for the Nigerian growing middle class working population, artisans, trading men and women with track business record in an efficient manner with a touch of professionalism and speed to meet customer’s desirable needs and satisfaction.

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